Toughness is an enemy-only stat in Honkai: Star Rail.

In combat, the Toughness gauge is displayed above the HP gauge of enemies. If attacked by an element that the enemy is weak to, the Toughness gauge will deplete. Once fully depleted, the enemy will suffer a Weakness Break which has the following effects:

  • Deals an instance of Break DMG
  • Delays the enemy’s action by 25%
  • Has a 150% base chance to apply a debuff corresponding to the element used to inflict Weakness Break

In the enemy’s next turn, they will recover from Weakness Break and regain a full Toughness gauge.

While an enemy’s Toughness is active, all incoming DMG will be multiplied by 0.9. During Weakness Break, this effect is also temporarily removed.

Toughness Value and Damage

Different enemies have varying amounts of Toughness. The Toughness value of enemies is always a multiple of 30.

Different character skills will also deal varying amounts of Toughness damage. Currently, characters may deal 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 Toughness damage with their attacks.

Attacking an enemy in the overworld will deal 30 Toughness damage to all enemies weak to that attack’s type.

Some enemies have the ability to make themselves immune to Toughness damage.

Weakness Break

Elemental Effects

Depending on the element that caused the Weakness Break, the Base DMG of the Break DMG and the debuff applied will differ:

Max Toughness Multiplier = 0.5 + Max Toughness Target 120 {\displaystyle {\text{Max Toughness Multiplier}}=0.5+{\frac {{\text{Max Toughness}}_{\text{Target}}}{120}}}