W-Engines are the equivalent of weapons in Zenless Zone Zero. These powerful items can be equipped on your character to increase their stats and provide special effects. Just like Genshin Impact weapons or Honkai: Star Rail’s light cones, W-Engines play an important role when building an agent or team.

Obtaining W-Engines

Signal Search (Summoning/Wishing)

The first method of obtaining new W-Engines is through the in-game Gacha. Each gacha has their own terminology for summoning/wishing and in Zenless Zone Zero it is called Signal Search. You can use premium or free currency to perform a signal search on the available banner of your choosing.

Box Galaxy

The second method of obtaining new W-Engines is through an in-game shop called Box Galaxy. This shop offers a limited selection of W-Engines you will be able to obtain by trading specific items.

W-Engine Rarity

W-Engines are classified into three tiers of rarity (highest to lowest): S-tier, A-tier, and B-tier. The higher the tier, the more powerful the W-Engine will be. Higher tier W-Engines possess superior main stats compared to lower-tier ones, making them highly sought after by seasoned players.

RarityPull ChanceIcon
S Rank0.5%
A Rank0.5%
B Rank0.5%

W-Engine Stats & Effects

Base Stat

All W-Engines come with a base stat of Attack (ATK). As you level-up your W-Engine, this stat will increase until you hit the max level.

Advanced Stats

Unlike your base stat which is always ATK, advanced stats are unique to each W-Engine.


Every W-Engine comes with a unique W-Engine Effect that grants special effects to the character wearing it. These effects can be a game-changer in battles and provide additional strategic options.
Each W-Engine starts at one-star level, which can be refined up to five-stars by enhancing it.

Housekeeper W-Engine from the SENPAI LIFE Database

Enhancing Your W-Engine

To enhance (level-up) your W-Engine and unlock its full potential, you must accumulate W-Engine EXP.
As you enhance your W-Engine, its Base ATK will increase, bolstering your character’s offensive capabilities up until you hit the soft level cap.

EXP Materials

W-Engine Battery

W-Engine Power Supply

W-Engine Energy Module
100 EXP600 EXP3,000 EXP
VR Trials
Signal Exchange
VR Trials
Signal Exchange
VR Trials
Signal Exchange


You will encounter a soft level cap every 10 levels up to max level.
To break this level cap you must Modify (ascend/limit break) your W-Engine which will also further amplify its Base ATK and Advanced Stat.

Modification Materials

Level CapPolarizerDiaphragmMagnetCoil
10 – 20
20 – 30
30 – 40
Item Crafting
VR Trials
Item Crafting
VR Trials
Item Crafting
VR Trials
Item Crafting

In-Game Name: W-Engine Diaphragm “Base” | W-Engine Diaphragm “Improved” | W-Engine Diaphragm “Composite” etc.

Updating Your W-Engine

Ascending your W-Engine allows you to increase its level cap and unlock even more power. To ascend your W-Engine, you will need Ascension Materials such as W-Engine Polarizer, W-Engine Diaphragm, W-Engine Magnet, and W-Engine Coil. The rarity of the Ascension Material depends on the level cap you want to increase.

How to Recycle W-Engines

Box Galaxy (recycle)

Box Galaxy is also where you can recycle (dismantle) W-Engines for materials. The number of recycled materials received depends on how far you’ve leveled/upgraded a W-Engine.

Equipping Your W-Engine

Like Honkai: Star Rail, weapons in Zenless Zone Zero do not change the appearnce of your agent’s in-game weapon.

Each character in Zenless Zone Zero can equip one W-Engine. The W-Engine slot is located at the center of the Equip menu, surrounded by six slots for Disk Drives. Choose your desired W-Engine and equip it in the center slot to boost your character’s stats and unlock powerful effects.